Gamelab's Online Business Hub


The annual trade event, conference and consumer show taking place in the city of Barcelona is rapidly growing to become one of the most influential games industry events in Europe. This year's show will get toghether over 2.000 professionals, 150 companies, 200 game and general media and 20.000 consumers.

If you are a business visitor and you wish to register your company at the event, you can do it online from here. Once you have signed in you will be able to create a complete company profile and connect with other companies in the directory.

The Hub in Numbers

Developer : 67 companies

Publisher/Investor : 22 companies

Software/Tools : 13 companies

Hardware/Peripherals : 1 companies

Marketing/Media : 11 companies

Distributor/Retailer : 3 companies

Services : 22 companies

Organization : 8 companies

Education : 10 companies

Other : 5 companies